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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
Insanity lives in all of us..some more than others..
People just keep amazing me. ::sarcasim:: Yesterday was great..worked in the morning at the shop came home talked to Chucky and told him i was going trick or treatin with Doug lLxii Justin n Luke..since he didnt want to go out n April decided to not tell me she wasnt coming with me and went to a club instead. Dougs my ex so of course Chucky gets pissed but oh well im not cheating on him ive never cheated on him nor given him a reason to not trust me. hes just so overprotective and possesive.

Well everything went awsome..until i went on my way to Chuckys Moms...he called constantly from unknown n private numbers (which i never answer cuz hey i dont know who it is) then he calls from his house and he sounded upset. i thought he was hurt or something happened and hell when i get there he confronts me with some bullshit about how he heard ive been going over dougs house when im off constantly for the past too weeks and putting things into dougs head. well i get fuckin pissed cuz im constantly being occussed of this. (which might i add halloween was the first time i had hung out with him except for when i dropped off the drawing i drew for him that he wanted for his tatoo.)

so lets see...a long 3 hour fight, im already tired, i have to get up in the morning and oh it all comes from dougs cousin that he lives with which is pretty fucked up because u would think her being an adult and a mother that she would have enough sense to not spread rumors like a little child.

i dont do anything wrong and yet still the insane people still get to me. this is why i stopped being nice to every single person i meet. i dont want peoples bullshit in my life i dont have time for it. thats another thing..since when in the hell could i possibly cheat? im constantly working my 2 jobs, school, and any other time im with chucky. he really needs to back off with that because that will be the one thing that breaks us.

well im going to get a shower i promise the next entry should be more positive

Lots of Love

Current Mood: crazy
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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
A happy beginning..
I noticed that my entry that i started my journal out with wasnt at all very peachy so i thought i would make up for it by putting in a happy one. ::smiles:: to give it a little burst of color, which totally contradicts the whole journal background but hey who really give a flying fuck? right, not many people. so in that case its ok to be different.

dont mind me, im a little out there because im tired..hense why some of this will sound like i had just been drinking but no definetly not. though my boyfriend on the other hand could speak in different words towards that. I worry about him sometimes, him drinking and driving..i dont approve and he knows it. he swears that he doesnt drink much to become drunk and he knows his limit..but does he really? or did he just luck out the past many times and its just a counter until its his time to learn? i really dont want a phone call like that. ive already lost too many.

hes such a hypacrit and he knows it..he doesnt want me to do the things he does because im suppossed to be the sensible one out of both of us and he wouldnt know what to do if something happened to me so i shouldnt endanger myself..though i feel the same way towards him yet its ok cuz he can take whatevers laid out for him..but i cant.(suppossedly) im not complaining, i just find it funny at the same time frustraiting since i worry.

anyway im off to bed, tired..i need sleep i'll finish up later

Current Mood: working
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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
Distance & Space Allow Emotions To Age Into Faith..
Here it is..my first entry. Not sure what much there is to say. I could say what is on my mind but its a touchy subject, maybe some other time when i have more time to talk about it without me getting upset.

Anyway..Chucky got upset with me, since i could only see him for an hour. Only thing i can say to that is sorry but yea jobs suck and so does school but its the only thing that will help me in the long run of getting the fuck out of here and being on my own.

Bad night i guess. I stopped by my birth parents house to see Ed, Kathy, and Savannah and stayed there most of the night. Then went to the mall to stop by Halloween Adventure and drop off a pack-n-play thing for April and her baby.

Anyway im going to try and finish some homework tonight since i work from 7:30 am to 11 pm tomorrow and wont get time to do it before thursday. At least i got my oral report done for english class. Its just my business meeting thursday night that im worried about.

Sadly enough, i didnt even realize it but this month is exactly a year.. from sept to oct. of last year when i was at my worst. amazing that time can pass like that..it seemed longer..has it been longer? Have i really put it in the far corner of my mind and tryed to forget it that badly? I guess so. Flashbacks always happen every now and then especially now..yesterday i was pretty bad though. Missed work since i was run down and made myself sick from lack of sleep (who would have thought) after i woke up i remembered some of what happened and tears just came. mood swings i guess. could be that time..then again i wouldnt know..being on the shot kind of takes away from ur sense of time for all that.

anyway im going to bed...didnt mean for this entry to be that long.

_Goodnight & Sweet Dreams_

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